Anti-pollution campaign held in Dhaka, N’ganj

Published : 14 Feb 2023 09:47 PM

As part of the anti-pollution campaign and environment conservation activities, 9 vehicles were fined Tk 26,500 and and 5 institutions were fined 2,37,000 and 2 factories were closed due to environmental pollution.

 Monitoring and Enforcement Wing of Department of Environment, Dhaka Metropolitan Office, Dhaka District Office, Narayanganj District Office and District Administration of Dhaka have organized mobile courts in Chawkbazar, Demra, Jatrabari areas in Dhaka and Fatulla areas of Narayanganj.

 In Fatulla area of Narayanganj, 1 steel mill was fined Tk 2 lakh, 1 vehicle was fined Tk 5,000 for noise pollution by substandard horn and Tk 20,000 was levied on 1 company for air pollution by keeping construction materials open.

A total fine of 21 thousand 500 taka was collected from 8 vehicles due to air pollution due to black smoke of vehicles in Jatrabari area of Dhaka.  Due to air pollution in Demra area, 2 aluminum bar manufacturing factories were shut down.  A fine of Tk 12,000 was collected from 3 companies due to air pollution by keeping construction materials open in Chawkbazar area.

 The monitoring and enforcement wing of the Department of Environment and the district administration will continue the anti-air pollution campaign in the vicinity of Dhaka.