Anti-liberation forces hatching new plot

Remain alert to the evil forces

Published : 29 Nov 2021 08:39 PM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Sunday asked country’s people to keep in mind that there would be a lot of anti-development conspiracy. While delivering her valedictory speech in the 15th session of the 11th parliament, she said this, adding the graduation as a developing country will immensely help the campaign of branding Bangladesh in the world. 

Since independence in 1971, the country has been facing various plots hatched at home and abroad alongside natural calamities. As a result country people imbued with the spirit of Liberation War had suffered losses on various occasions in the past due to conspiracies both from home and abroad. But the government has been able to take the country forward defying all the conspiracies. The government has taken the country to a position that is drawing recognition and honour from around the world.

The BNP-Jamaat clique which gives shelter to the 

anti-liberation forces are constantly spreading 

falsehoods and propaganda against the government 

It has been noticed over the past few days, the anti-liberation forces and killers of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman are making various issues to hatch conspiracies. They are also instigating the students in order to fuel their ongoing demonstration demanding half bus fare.

The BNP-Jamaat clique which gives shelter to the anti-liberation forces are constantly spreading falsehoods and propaganda against the government and pro-liberation forces. And they are doing everything only to create anarchy in the country.

We all have to build our country in such a way where there will be no local and foreign conspiracy, and no room for bad governance. The government’s main aim is very much clear that it wants to establish Bangladesh as a peaceful country. Therefore, we believe the government will be moving towards the country’s overall development with a well-planned policy and some specific targets by confronting numerous hurdles and taking the unending support from the countrymen. Besides, it will implement the “Vision 2041” to transform Bangladesh into a developed and prosperous country within 2041.       

Therefore, if BNP-Jamaat's communal evil forces try to conspire in independent Bangladesh, they should be dealt with iron hands. And if they create any violent situation in the name of movement, the government must give a befitting reply to them.