Anti-drug task force nabs 22 drug dealers

Published : 11 Aug 2022 08:28 PM

An Anti-drug task force Wednesday night moved to different areas in the city, captured twenty two drug dealers and convicted them in different terms.

The Narayanganj deputy commissioner as well as district magistrate Monjurul Hafiz formed an anti-drug task force composed of an executive magistrate, member of narcotics, RAB, Ansar and VDP to crack down against the drug peddlers and consumers.

On Wednesday night the task force raided Shiddhirgang, Fatulla and Narayanganj rail station area and apprehended twenty two drug peddlers and consumers along with 420 pieces of yaba pills and hemp.

The task force chief executive magistrate SM Rasel Islam Nur set up mobile court given conviction and fined to 21 and the rest one was indictment in regular suit under narcotics control act.

It is mentioned that the news against drugs when randomly published in the media the district magistrate Monjurul Hafiz expressed anxiousness and publicly delivered in two meetings at Bandar and Shiddhirganj it seemed to me drug trading is a serious business here.

After that deputy commissioner formed a task force comprising magistrate narcotics department members, RAB, Ansar and VDP to conduct regular raids to control the drug vender in the district.