Another wave of dengue coming!

Wider awareness needed

Media coverage on dengue points at the possibility of another wave of dengue coming soon in the country. Already the number of cases crossed over one lakh with over one hundred death in the last phase.

One study done by a private university last week suggest that still the government and the NGOs have to go a long way to create sufficient awareness among the people in different parts of the city.  The study showed that even after living in the heart of the city many family elders have little idea about how dengue spreads and what kind of preventing measures they should take to keep the children safe. One family said that they have taken some homeopathy medicine to keep dengue at bay.

It is disconcerting to learn that some of the respondents came up with the idea that dengue mosquitoes breed in the stagnant waters in the roadside drains and ditches. From the survey it became quite clear that a large number of people in the city have not taken the threat seriously enough and many are not even informed that over one hundred infected people have died in the last six months.

We hope the government will take the threat

 of dengue more seriously and take all 

possible measures so that it does not turn

 into an epidemicthis time

Media reports say that dengue has appeared in a sinister form in some South American countries and already taken many lives. It therefore seems like a global problem and it needs to be fought with international cooperation. Dengue is also quite prevalent in South East Asia and we have had a terrible experience in our country in the last six to eight months.

We hope the government will take the threat of dengue more seriously and take all possible measures so that it does not turn into an epidemic this time. A greater responsibility lies on the shoulders of the city corporations and they have to start working now with their awareness campaigns and cleaning works to destroy the sources of the breeding grounds of aedis mosquito. They should also make the residents of the city more responsible so that they cooperate with them in the drive spontaneously.