Anjan Dutt ready with his comic musical food movie

After a handful of films, which he felt were ‘dark’, Anjan Dutt is ready to begin his next — a comic musical food movie. Titled Shaheber Cutlet, the film will see Arjun Chakrabarty slip into the shoes of a successful chef. Even though the leading lady is yet to be zeroed in on, the cast includes Anjan himself, apart from Suprabhat Banerjee, Ambarish Bhattacharya, Kanchan Mullick and Biswanath Basu.

Said the director, “A few years back, I was talking to a friend of mine and got an understanding of the genre of food films. At that point, Pratim (D Gupta) made Maacher Jhol and I decided not to progress with the idea. Now, it’s been a while and I am ready with the venture. It’s a fun film. After a few dark movies, I wish to go back to my earlier, fun flicks like Chalo Let’s Go, Madly Bangalee, which were warm, touching and emotional. At 65, I understand that people do go to theatres to forget their daily worries and come out feeling slightly better. If 15 years back, someone had told me about wanting to watch a light film, I’d have shuddered. But now I have a better understanding of life.”

Arjun essays the character of Ron, a 30-something chef, who specialises in European food. He also feels that Europe is where he belongs. But through the many twists and turns, he traces his roots through food and understands even if a cutlet or a singara made well can prove his expertise. Opposite Arjun is likely to be a newbie, who too will essay a character hailing from the suburbs and known for her cooking skills. Apart from five-stars, the film will be shot majorly in Bandel, the former Portuguese settlement, apart from Chandernagore and Bali. “The Portuguese influence on Bengal’s culinary culture too is tremendous and I will film parts of Shaheber Cutlet in these areas,” said Anjan. About his character, the director said, “I have a cameo and will be seen as a musician. I play the catalyst in the film. Suprabhat, on his part, has a villainous role, who makes life difficult for Ron. The rest of the actors are all known for their comic timing,” he said. Music for the film will be scored by Neel Dutt and it will be similar to the classic songs of Anjan. The film will start rolling from July 15.