Animals become victims of land dispute

250 duck poisoned to death, Land dispute triggered the incident, say police

Published : 04 Dec 2021 09:40 PM | Updated : 05 Dec 2021 04:22 PM

Around 250 ducks from multiple foreign species at a farm, worth of taka four lakhs, were allegedly poisoned to death at a farm located Dorgar Par area of Ashulia in Savar, on the outskirts of the capital on Thursday.

Rashed Bhuiyan, the farm owner alleged some people including Jahangir, Faruk and Bashir, forcibly break into the farm and feed them up poisoned feed, causes the ducks to die in a moment.

The farm owner although claimed that the accused break into his farm and feed the ducks up poisoned feed but local police said they did not found any of evidence or eyewitness which can proven the presence of accused; rather they noticed incongruity in farm authority’s statement during their investigation.

“The farm owner alleged Jahangir, Faruk and Bashir along with some other men forcibly entered the farm and poisoned to death the ducks in broad daylight, but police did not find the verity of their presence there after talking to several locals, even locals claimed they even did not hear any screams or notice anything unusual. As farm authority claimed the accused forcibly entered and beat them up, so at least a single eyewitness was supposed to be there who noticed the matter”, Samiul Islam, SI, Ashulia police station told The Bangladesh Post on Friday evening.

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He further said, it is true that the ducks were dead, but now the matter is to identify who is the real culprits, as there is a feud on-going between both parties over a land dispute for long, and recently the farm owner attempted to grab a house owned by Jahangir on last October 28, even a case was filed over the matter after found the verity in CCTV footage. In that case, police arrested two, and later they all were released on bail.

Meanwhile on Friday, Bangladesh Post Correspondent also visited the scene and talked to several locals, but surprisingly no eyewitnesses were found. As the area, Ashulia is overpopulated and so someone is supposed to be there who notice the issue, as farm authority alleged the accused forcibly entered the farm, beat them up, and poisoned the ducks to death in broad daylight, according to the allegation.

Apart from that, it was also known that the other two accused named Bashir and Faruk, are brothers of ruling Yarpur Union Parishad chairman Sayed Ahmed Bhuiyan, and they were also framed in this incident intentionally following local political feud.

Police sources said, following the matter police asked the farm owner to lodge a case regarding the issue, but he now stopped communication with the police. When contacted, refusing the allegation, Md. Jahangir, one of the accused said Rashed the farm owner carried out multiple attacks on his family to grab his house, but now Rashed trying to frame them plotting the incident over the feud. “Bashir and Faruk are locally well-reputed people, so how is it possible to commit such an indecent by them”, he added.

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