Animal waste removed successfully by CCC

Workers of Chattogram City Corporation (CCC) cleaned the entire city within 12 hours after slaughtering of the sacrificial animals from August 12, the Eid day. 

Mayor of CCC AJM Nasir Uddin said, ‘We have been successful in managing waste control.’

Last Monday morning after the Eid prayers, removal of animal waste began in the city. The CCC's commitment to clean up the city before 5:00 pm was difficult because of animal sacrifices outside 341 places. But the CCC successfully completed the hard work.

After the inspection, the mayor said that four councilors were under the responsibility of dividing the 41 wards of the city into four cells to handle the waste management activities. ‘We have seen that it is possible to remove the waste completely from the city's main roads ahead of schedule,’ he said.

President of the CCC's Standing Committee on Waste Management Councilor Shaibal Das Suman said that four thousand cleaners were working in different wards to remove the animal waste. Meanwhile, the waste is removed from the main road. 300 vans were working to transport waste. About seven thousand tones of waste will be collected.

Mayor AJM Nasir Uddin visited the waste management activities at the Loveline area, New Market, Sadarghat, Alkaran and the Andarkilla area from the front of the cinema hall. During this time, he directed those involved in the waste disposal process on the dustbin of the road.