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Ananta Jalil brushes off ‘Din: The Day’ director’s allegations

Published : 19 Aug 2022 08:23 PM

Actor-producer-businessman Ananta Jalil Thursday shrugged off the complaints of Iranian filmmaker Morteza Atashzamzam about the film "Din: The Day" in an Instagram post as " completely baseless."

"I don't know if the Instagram post is real. But what it says are totally baseless. I have all the legal documents, which clearly state that the Iranian production cost was paid by the Iranian producers and I paid for the shooting in Bangladesh," Ananta said.

He added: "A group of people representing their production team came to Bangladesh whom we treated with great respect and made sure that everything was done following our contract."

"The director himself met me a few days ago. He never mentioned these issues back then. So, I don't understand why he made those baseless claims on Instagram."

Earlier in the day, Morteza wrote in an Instagram post: "Ananta Jalil broke our agreement and contract, he did not fulfil his responsibilities and promises as we agreed."

He claimed Ananta breached the contract by distorting his creation and also shared an animation of the film's poster on an Instagram reel with the word "fake."

"The name of the movie was supposed to be "Day" (rooz) but nothing happened as we planned. I was the main and major producer but he continued the production in his way, with his content and form and shapes," he wrote.

The Iranian filmmaker said he would sue Ananta and register a complaint against him at the court in Tehran, Iran, and have it followed up by an international lawyer at the court in Bangladesh.

Morteza added that he would also reveal the original contract in public and the main budget of the film.

Released during this year's Eid ul Azha, Din: The Day also stars Ananta's wife and actress Afiea Nusrat Barsha as the female lead. There has been a recurring debate about the film's actual budget which Ananta claimed was Tk100 crore.