An introduction to multimedia journalism

Published : 14 Feb 2023 09:39 PM

Md Yunus Ali, known as Sabuj Younus started his journalism career during his university life. Then he switched to other popular national dailies like The Daily Bhorer Kagoj, The Daily Jugantor to expand his journalistic knowledge. His dedication, devotion and proficiency led him to the post of Assistant Editor of The Daily Samakal as well as In-charge of Samakal Online.

While doing his job as In-Charge of Samakal Online, he discovered that online journalism is expanding very fast with the passage of time following the new advanced technologies. He then realized to compose a book on digital journalism and finally it was published in the Ekushey Book Fair.

The ultimate goal of penning the book by Sabuj Younus is to introduce the issues on digital journalism with the people concerned in this field. 

Going through the book, the journalism students and media professionals will find very much interest to be acquainted with the basics of online journalism.

The book's primary goal is to explain in plain words the key features of online journalism. It provides an overview of several aspects of online journalism, including data journalism, podcast journalism, the use of technology in online journalism, the impact of mass media on contemporary society, etc. The book will be beneficial for individuals who want to learn about digital journalism.

The book ‘Multimedia Journalism’ provides insight into the industry's current tendencies as well as a forecast of possible future developments. The book is envisioned as being a foundational work for journalists and journalism students.

The three main focuses of modern journalism are online journalism, mobile journalism, and the mass distribution of news via social media. With these three factors driving its development, journalism is changing and could soon take on a new shape.

Whatever the format of journalism, the definition of news will always be the same, as will its nature, characteristics, senses, values, contents, methods of acquiring news, etc. First of all, these concepts that are covered in the first chapter of this book should be known and comprehended.

Online newspaper newsroom operations differ significantly from those of newsrooms in other forms of traditional media. This book, which is nicely produced, has many fresh additions and developments that are taking place in the newsroom of a digital version. The book is expected to be extremely helpful to beginning journalists in helping them understand digital journalism.

Journalism's foundational subject is news editing. With consideration for what must be done in newsroom editing, it is described in the book in a really attractive, lucid, and interesting way.

With the development of technology, new media has appeared in journalism. Journalism is being significantly impacted by new media. Indisputably, this is true. 

New forms of new media include mobile journalism, podcast journalism, data journalism, and multimedia journalism. The several types of new media are briefly described in this book. Reading the chapters will be very helpful for academics and media professionals.

There's little doubt that journalism in the future will adopt new technology that is totally dependent on mobile technology. 

Today's journalism industry requires knowledge of and proficiency in mobile journalism. The book quickly outlines the key components of mobile journalism while keeping this in mind. 

The book ‘Digital Journalism’ is essential for today's media professionals to grasp the journalism's continual diversity, changes, and progress. 

Reading this book will help media professionals to understand multimedia journalism.