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American colleges burst out loudly against Israeli aggression

By Reuters
Published : 24 Apr 2024 09:07 PM

Students are speaking out against Israel's actions in Gaza and supporting Palestine across the country. What started as a few voices has now grown into a widespread movement on university campuses.

In Brooklyn, New York, protesters are planning roadblocks, even near the residence of US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer!

But as the protests gain momentum, clashes erupt, and arrests soar. Hundreds, including students from renowned institutions like Columbia and Yale, have been detained.

Critics argue the protests fuel anti-Semitism, while activists decry the heavy-handed crackdown on free speech. At the University of California, Berkeley, known for its history of activism, students rally against Israel's actions by pitching tents on campus.

Anti-Israel demonstrations even prompt closures, like at California Polytechnic Humboldt. Police intervention clears protesters from the University of Minnesota's St. Paul campus. In New York, over 120 protesters face arrest as tensions escalate on university grounds. Columbia University halts classes to prevent harassment of Jewish students amid the uproar.

Mayor Eric Adams assures a peaceful protest, but authorities remain vigilant against potential disruptions by non-affiliated individuals.

As passions flare and debates rage, the clash of opinions reverberates through the halls of academia across America.