Amendment to Government Servants (Conduct) Rules

Govt officials must disclose their wealth

Published : 31 Mar 2022 09:24 PM

We applaud the government’s initiative to amend the existing Government Servants (Conduct) Rules 1979 in order to compel its officials and employees to submit their wealth statements. In this regard, the draft of Government Servants (Conduct) Rules-2022 has already been prepared by the public administration ministry. The draft will be sent to the authorities concerned immediately to get approved.

When the rules will be amended, it will be mandatory for the government officials and employees to submit their wealth statement. So, they will have no scope to make any excuse in submitting wealth statement.

The government officials must 

discharge their responsibilities 

with honesty and devotion

Currently there are over 15 lakh government officials and employees in the country. According to the Bangladesh Government Servants (Conduct) Rules 1979, the government officials have to submit their asset statement every five years. The government servants give details in their wealth statements when they join service. But after joining the job, they completely neglect submitting details on any increase or decrease in their wealth making various excuses. To this end, the public administration ministry several times issued letters to all ministries to submit their respective officials and employees wealth statements. Though such requirements exist in the current rules in a bid to check corruption and ensure accountability of service holders, the government officials and employees are not paying heed to it.   

A large number of government officials and employees from central to grassroots levels allegedly are indulged in corruption, irregularities and other unethical activities. However, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina repeatedly warned government officials and employees against corruption. One of the main objectives of election manifesto of Awami League was ‘zero tolerance policy’ against misdeed and corruption to establish rule of law and good governance. Hence, every ministry must review the wealth statements of their officials and employees.

The government officials must discharge their responsibilities with honesty and devotion and they should have a strong mindset to work for the welfare of the people. Corruption hinders economic development and increase poverty, exploitation and injustice, prevent good governance, accountability and transparency and create social and political instability and insecurity. 

Therefore, in order to stop corruption, the government should make the amendment to the Government Servants (Conduct) Rules 1979 as early as possible. We all have to forge social resistance and raise our voice against corruption strongly so that none can dare to commit the crime. No graft suspect should be spared and all corrupts must be brought to justice.