Aman transplantation going on in full swing in Sylhet

Published : 23 Aug 2019 08:38 PM | Updated : 06 Sep 2020 09:56 PM

With the aim of getting good yield, the Aman paddy seedlings transplantation work is going on in full swing amidst the suitable climate condition in the Sylhet region.

Meanwhile, the transplantation work already completed 60-65 percent work with the target of 3, 96,806 hectares of land, which will be continued at the end of this month to complete the full paddy transplantation work. Most of the farmers of Sylhet region already completed their transplantation activist amidst suitable climate condition with the frequent moderate rainfall said the many farmers.

Nazmul Islam, a land owner of Govindasree village told the Bangladesh Post, he had a vast area of Aman paddy field and he expected the good output of this year for timely transplantation work, if insect and weather not harm the paddy field he predicted. In recent, the farmers of this region have been seen passing their busy time to nursing their paddy field for better output. Faruk, a farmer of Angura Mohammed Pur told this reporter, the timely transplantation of Aman sapling is very important for getting good yield. He already completed the transplantation work in his borrowing land. Elias Uddin, the deputy director of Sylhet agricultural office told that congenial weather will help the farmers to get good yield in this year. He said farmers of this region can finish transplantation work in time if the weather favours them.