Aman saplings drying up due to lack of rain in Rajshahi

Published : 17 Jul 2022 10:14 PM

Aman saplings at the seed beds at various fields of Rajshahi and Natore districts are drying up due to lack of rainfall and the extreme heat. If such situation prolongs, the cultivation of Aman paddy would turn uncertain. Moreover, the lack rainfall is also hampering the smooth growth of saplings of Aman paddy. 

According to Boraigram Upazila Agriculture office sources, a target of cultivation of 15,475 hectares of land of Aman paddy has been taken up in the upazila. Now is the peak time to produce saplings of Aman paddy but due to absence of rainfall and extreme hot day temperature, the paddy saplings at the seed beds are drying up. Moreover, broadcasting Aman has been cultivated on 3,849 hectares of land. 

But, due to absence of rainfall and heat, the physical growth of the saplings is being hampered badly and are drying up. 

Abdus Salam, a teacher of village Rajabari under Godagari upazila informed, he sowed Aman paddy seeds for producing saplings on three deciamal of lands. But, due to absence of rainfall and extreme hot weather, the saplings at the seed bed are drying up. 

Mokhlesur Rahman of Sreerampur village under Boraigram informed, he has 13 bighas of land inside beel areas and the TP Aman and the Broadcasting Aman paddy are the main source of his cultivation. But, the absence of rain fall and drought like situation is badly hampering the cultivation. The saplings of TP Aman paddy are not being possible to cultivate due to the prevailing weather condition.

Eskender Ali of Kamardaha village informed he sowed Aman seeds on six bighas of land but the extreme drought even during this month of Ashar has formed cracks on the soild and the saplings at the fields are dying. Alam Fakir of Chandai village also said, the saplings at his seed bed are drying up due to extreme heat and absence of rain. 

Mujibur Rahman, Sub-Assistant Agriculture Officer of Boraigram upazila informed, TP Aman and BP Aman paddies are grown during this rainy season in the region. Due to using of rain water, the cost of cultivation of the paddy is very low but due to absence of rainfall, the cultivation and smooth production of Aman paddy may be hampered this year.  

Shamin Sultana, Upazila Agriculture Officer of Boraigram informed, it is unprecedented that there is no rainfall during the rainy season. She further informed, both the TP Amand and the Broadcasting Aman paddy may be hampered badly if no sufficient rainfall occured during this season.