Aman harvesting goes on in full swing

Procure paddy from real farmers

Published : 02 Nov 2021 08:44 PM | Updated : 03 Nov 2021 04:50 PM

Most of the farming fields of Aman paddy with golden hue have become eye-catching, letting fresh fragrance spread all over in remote villages across the country.

The farmers are now very busy in harvesting Aman paddy amid good yield. The field, overflowing with fully-ripened paddy brings smiles to the farmers’ face and they are also happy after pulling in a good yield coupled with fair price this season.

The growers cultivated high quality Aman seeds like BINA- 7, BR-48, 49, 56, 57, 62, 71 and 72 and local early variety Basmati paddy while the DAE officials provided farmers with training and necessary instructions to boost production. Besides, farmers are continuing harvest of short duration Aman rice creating huge jobs for farm-labourers during the seasonal lean period of 'Aswin' and 'Kartik' months in north region.

And early harvest of short duration Aman rice began a month ago and the process will continue during the whole lean period till this month. This season the farmers are getting a fair price for their crop, which is now being sold between Taka 1150 to Taka 1200 per mound. Therefore, they are very much hopeful about getting cherished yield like the previous couple of seasons.

The government should take necessary steps 

against middlemen and millers who are out to 

compel the farmers to sell paddy at lower prices

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Farmers and crops specialists are expecting bumper production of transplanted Aman (T-Aman) rice in the district as the cultivation target of T-Aman rice has been exceeded by the farmers during the Kharip-2 season. The government has fixed the target to produce 1.48 crores tonnes of Aman from 57 lakh hectors of land and the growers have already harvested paddy from 1.36 lakh lands till Monday.  Apart from the farmers, early harvest of short duration Aman rice has created huge jobs for the farm-labourers during the seasonal lean periods since 2010 relieving them from extreme poverty.

Favourable weather conditions and timely rain aided in a bumper Aman yield this season. Besides, prices of fertiliser and other inputs were relatively low while pest attacks did not affect the crop.

It has been noticed that our farmers are now applying scientific methods for cultivation and they do not use excessive fertiliser and insecticides on their croplands. Different state-run commercial banks including Bangladesh Krishi Bank also distributed Aman crop loan to the Aman cultivators to make them capable to continue their Aman rice cultivation network properly without any financial crisis.

We think the middlemen and millers are out to control the paddy market and they are the ones who are to blame for the fall in prices. Therefore, we hope the government will not procure paddy from middlemen as the ministry’s key target is to purchase paddy from real farmers. The government should take necessary steps against middlemen and millers who are out to compel the farmers to sell paddy at lower prices.

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