Aly Zaker is an epitome of inspiration: Mamunur Rashid

I discovered Aly Zaker in Calcutta. At that time, he used to read news in English on Swadhin Bangla Betar Kendra. Then I was doing a play on the liberation war. Talking to Aly Zaker at that time, I thought he would do well in the play. I made Aly work in that play about the immediate liberation war.

After the independence of the country in 1972, Aly Zaker acted in the first play 'Kabar' on the stage under my direction produced by Aranyak. After that, when Aranyak became somewhat inactive, Aly Zaker started working for the Nagarik. 

At that time, he went to Nagarik and gave new life to that organization. Aly Zaker is a very important person in our Bengali drama. I can't finish talking about my memories with him. The emptiness of such a virtuous person will never be filled.

I never want to say Aly Zaker has gone. I always think Aly Zaker is there and will be there forever. 

He will always be alive in the hearts of the audience through his characters. 

Aly has enriched the drama of two Bengals. Aly Zaker is Bengali dramas’ inspiration.