All Souls Day observed in Dinajpur

Published : 03 Nov 2023 09:24 PM

Rows of tombs in the silent cemetery were illuminated as the smoke billowing from the burning incense sticks, rosewater and the sweet aroma of flowers mingled with the smell of burning grasses in thousands of candlelight. The photos with garlands of the deceased were hung on the Crosses of some tombs. Many wailing relatives were also seen to sit silently with Tube-roses, Roses or Gerbera flowers in their hands in front of the tombs shrouded in Marigold flowers. Some were also busy in snapping photographs with the tombs of their dear and near ones.

Hundreds of people belonging to the Christian community gathered at the Christian Cemetery at Paschim Shibrampur under No-1 Chehelgazi Union of the district on Thursday, November 2, to offer prayers for the deceased in observance of ' All Souls' Day'. 

The day is observed by the Christian all over the world. In Bangladesh, the day is also known as ' Day for the Dead People, or ' The Day for Blessings of the Graves'. 

The Christians say prayers on this day seeking heaven and the salvation of the souls and mercy for their late relatives. In the Churches and in cemeteries, special prayers are held several times in a day and religious songs are served. 

The rose water is showered on the tombs seeking peace for the souls of the deceased. Special foods are also distributed among the people on this day.

Gabriel Kishku was seen decorating the tomb of his wife with Merrigold flowers and garlands. He informed November is the month for the deads to Christians and on November 2, the deads are specially remembered through All Souls' Day on November 2.

PrmilaMurmu was sitting silently in front of her mother-in-law's tomb. She informed, no one can do anything after death but the dead people wait for this day so that their relatives and near ones offer prayers for them.