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All-out steps to combat corona

Published : 27 Jul 2021 09:48 PM | Updated : 28 Jul 2021 01:17 AM

Bangladesh has achieved an enormous success in availing of Coronavirus vaccines for its citizens. However, the growing cases of new infections and deaths due to coronavirus have become a matter of concern for many in the country.

Bangladesh has already approached vaccine producing countries to get coronavirus jabs. And the vaccine manufacturing countries also assured Bangladesh of giving vaccines. The government is hopeful of getting enough vaccines in coming months.

However, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Tuesday (July 27) during the inaugural event of National Public Service Day said she had instructed the authorities concerned to inoculate the people in a massive way with Covid-19 vaccines to ensure protection of all.

“We have started purchasing vaccines. Inoculation has already started. We have to ensure massive vaccination so that all the people of our country are protected (from coronavirus). We have already given instruction to this end,” she said.

Mentioning that as many as 1.87 crore people have so far been inoculated, she said that her government would purchase vaccines for all, including students and teachers, and continue the inoculation until everyone is vaccinated.

“We will produce vaccines in the future so that the people of the country face no more difficulties,” she added.

She asked the government officials to make people aware of following strictly the health guidelines to check further transmission of the pandemic.

Referring to the speech of the Father of the Nation, the Prime Minister called upon the government officials to work with professionalism, honesty and dedication for the welfare of the country and its people as serving the nation and the people is the biggest task.

Moreover, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has recently vowed to allocate any amount of money required in order to purchase Covid-19 vaccines and ensure free inoculation for all.

‘Vaccination for all’ has got the top priority by Sheikh Hasina’s government. Sheikh Hasina has assured that her government will procure Covid-19 vaccines at any cost. She has also allocated financial help for marginalized families.

Bangladesh’s overall Covid situation is far better than that of many developed countries. The government has taken all-out measures to collect adequate vaccines from the UK, India, Russia, China and the USA.

Health Minister Zahid Maleque on July 24 said the government will receive around 21 crore doses of Covid-19 vaccines early next year to bring 80 percent of the country's population under vaccination coverage.

“Now Bangladesh's most important task is to collect vaccines,” he added.

Foreign Minister Dr AK Abdul Momen on July 24 said Bangladesh will start co-producing vaccines for Covid-19 soon.

Momen also said that there would be no shortage of vaccines in the coming months as more than 20 million vaccines were in the pipeline.

India gave 1.2 million free doses of the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine to Bangladesh in March this year.

Bangladesh received 245,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine from Japan this week.

Earlier, China had sent 1.1 million Sinopharm doses as a gift followed by another shipment of two million doses in early July, also as a gift.

Bangladesh also received some 2.5 million doses of the Moderna jab provided by the US as a gift through the COVAX facility in July.

Such cooperation from the friendly nations of Bangladesh proves that Bangladesh has a very good relation with the vaccine producing countries of the world.