All-out action to boost Hilsa production

Continue stern measures

The government always undertakes extensive measures to boost Hilsa production and discourage catching of Jatka. Now in that continuity the government wants to increase the Hilsa production even further.

For the last few years the government always made sure of strict monitoring to protect Jatka and stop catching of mother Hilsa. Legal action is also taken against the Jatka catchers in Hilsa sanctuary.

Therefore, for these stern measures, schools of mature Hilsa moved freely in the river and had healthy growth. As a result, we saw a booming Hilsa production during the current season. 

The country should opt for Hilsa exports 

once it feels that the production has reached 

a surplus point after meeting the home demand

In the fiscal year 2019-20, 446,776 tonnes of VGF rice has been distributed to 301288 fishermen families at the rate of 40 kg per month in 4 months. In the first instalment of 2020-21 financial year, a total of 26,305 tonnes of rice has been allocated for distribution among 328815 fishermen families 40 kg per family. These commendable initiatives helped to stop the catching of Jatka. And to help fishermen food aid to the idle fishermen during the period of ban was offered.

Now with the rapid rise in Hilsa production, the government can meet the local demand. Given the strict measures, the country is set to aim for Hilsa export like the past years. 

Learning from the past records, the government can also wait for surplus production and then give it a try. The country should opt for Hilsa exports once it feels that the production has reached a surplus point after meeting the home demand.