All Mobile Phone Operator New Number Series in Bangladesh

Published : 12 Feb 2022 06:17 PM | Updated : 19 Feb 2022 05:04 PM

With the rapid growth of mobile phone usage in Bangladesh, it is now important for all mobile phone operators to develop new number series for their customers. This will improve customer service and make it easier for customers to find the best mobile phone deals and services. In order to develop this series, our mobile phone operators have reached out to leading design firms in Bangladesh for their help.

The four mobile phone operators in Bangladesh are Banglalink, Grameenphone, Robi and TeleTalk. Banglalink is the largest operator with a population of over 100 million people. It has an extensive network of towers throughout the country and offers excellent service quality both on-and off-network. Grameenphone is a state-owned company that was founded in 2001 by Sheikh Hasina with the goal of providing affordable handset services to low in income households across Bangladesh. Robi is owned by Ms Kazi Nazmul Hassan, who also heads the powerful women’s rights group Demtasia Chaudhuri Jatiyo Awami League (DCJAL). The company offers good value for money and its service quality has been praised by many consumers as being very reliable and consistent despite occasional outages. Tele Talk provides users with high speed internet access nationwide as well as talk, text, video conferencing services through its national roaming arrangements.

Bangladeshi mobile phone operators have started the new number series for their customers in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi mobile phone operators have decided to offer new number series for their customers. This is in line with the trend of moving towards more interactive and personalized customer service. In addition, this move will help to improve the overall subscriber base by increasing competition and forcing providers to offer better services. The new number series will focus on providing a better experience for customers and providing innovative technology that will make your calls more affordable and faster. Through this article we will let you know All Mobile Phone Operator New Number Series in Bangladesh.

All Mobile Phone Operator New Number Series in Bangladesh


Teletalk Bangladesh Limited is a public limited company, registered under the Registrar of the Joint stock companies of Bangladesh. The shares owned by the Government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh are: 50% by governmental bodies and 50% by private individuals. The Company was incorporated on December 26, 2004 and obtained Certificate of Commencement of Business on March 31, 2005. On that day, the Company launched its commercial operation with a Tk. 20 million capital investment.

Teletalk continues to grow and engage our customers through our clear commitment to offering high quality products and services as well as leading customer retention and loyalty programmers. Teletalk remains a part of the revolution that’s connecting millions of Bangladeshi people and around the world. Teletalk Bangladesh Limited was created keeping a specific role in mind. It has been able to achieve some feats truly to be proud of, as the only Bangladeshi mobile operator and the only operator with 100% native technical and engineering human resources. Teletalk thrives to become the true people’s phone- “Amader Phone”.

General Information: 121 · Help Line [Prepaid/Other Operator]: 01500121121-9. · Help Line [Corporate]: 267 · Help Line [Telecharge]: 852


Banglalink announced the introduction of its new number series -- 014. The new number series is designed for businesses and individuals who need to stay connected and make business decisions quickly. If you have a 019 number series, you can get a new 014 series SIM card for free after completing national identity verification and enjoying Tk 0.54 a minute call rate between the two numbers for lifetime.

The launch of Jahurul Haque, acting chairman of Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC), took place on Friday. In his address, Haque made a call using the number series from Banglalink's office in Dhaka to Mustafa Jabbar, telecom minister.


The Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) has approved a new number series ‘013’ for the country’s leading mobile phone operator Grameenphone (GP). The decision comes after GP applied to BTRC for a new 017 series. The regulatory body came up with the decision at its regular commission meeting held at its office in the city yesterday following the company’s application that claimed its existing 017 series was coming to an end. GP is founded in 1997 and has 5.69 crore active subscribers of the total 11.40 crore in Bangladesh as of June 30.


Robi Axiata Limited is a public limited company, where Axiata Group Berhad of Malaysia holds the controlling stake of 61.82%, Bharti Airtel of India holds 28.18%, and general public holding the remaining 10% stake. The company made its debut in the country’s twin stock markets with an IPO on December 24th, 2020. 

Robi also has dual number series 018 and 016 while Grameenphone introduced 013 along with its previous 017 series in October.

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Final words

As the mobile phone industry continues to grow, so too must the number series offered by mobile phone operators. This year, we’re seeing an increasing number of operators offer new number series that are designed to make it easier for customers to find and use their services. As we move into the next decade, mobile phone operators will need to new number series to keep up with the changing landscape of mobile technology. In this blog post, we'll see how three leading mobile phone operators have been able to develop new number series that will be a part of the future of mobile phone services.

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