All is well

People are ready to vote

Published : 03 Jan 2024 10:02 PM | Updated : 04 Jan 2024 03:01 PM

Everything is in a good state till date. Country’s people are now keenly waiting to cast their votes in the 12th national parliamentary election slated for Sunday, January 7.  

There is no worry about national and international conspiracies just two days ahead of the next general election as the countrymen are set to cast their vote independently and hope that the national election will be fair, peaceful and participatory. People’s enthusiasm about voting is now running high in all 299 constituencies.

We believe that the elected government will hand over power to the elected government (following the election).  And the people are ready to give their mandate through vote. National and international conspiracies are being hatched centering the national poll. Voting is the democratic rights of the people.  As the citizens of Bangladesh, we must vote. People give their democratic verdict through casting their respective votes.

Therefore, we have nothing to worry about as the people are always beside the pro-liberation political parties with their mandates. Those who are boycotting the national election do not believe in democratic progress, sovereignty, independence and reality. By confronting these conspiracies and terrorism, the nation is heading towards the poll. So, there is nothing to be afraid of about the election as we people have seen this terror of fire and burning many times.

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BNP is creating anarchy across the country in the name of movement by making people hostage, but it is not democratic system. Only voting is the most acceptable method in selecting leadership in a democratic manner.

Only voting is the most acceptable

 method in selecting 

leadership in a 

democratic manner

We hope that the election will be held in a peaceful and festive environment with the participation of all. So, all voters should go to polling stations on Sunday braving all odds. We are not worried about the voter turnout in the elections. No significant incident of conflict or violence among candidates took place anywhere in the country centring the poll. All the incidents of sabotage happening in the country are being carried out by BNP and its allies. We believe the acts of sabotage will be defeated and people’s power will triumph. BNP has taken the decision to boycott the upcoming elections. But, why do the party (BNP) leaders are forcing people not to go to the poling centres?

Army deployment began on Wednesday in 62 districts to ensure peaceful holding of the national poll as the deployment will continue till January 10. The armed forces members will perform duties jointly with the Border Guards Bangladesh (BGB) in the 47 bordering upazilas. Apart from their sole deployment in 45 upazilas, the BGB members will also be accompanied by the Coast Guards in four coastal upazilas.

Bangladesh Navy will also perform duties in a total of 19 upazilas including the coastal districts of Bhola and Barguna. Bangladesh Air Force is also set to provide necessary helicopter assistance to polling stations in remote hilly areas along with electoral assistance in case of 

emergencies.  Special cells have been set up jointly by representatives of the armed forces and law enforcement agencies across the country, which will remain operational till January 10.There are so many conspiracies in our country. However, the plot of anti-Bangladesh forces did not stop yet, rather it has been intensified. Those who did not support  our liberation war, their conspiracies did not stop yet. But, we would like to make our stand clear that no one will be allowed to get benefit by burning people to death and foiling the election in the soil of Bangladesh.

Vote is the people’s Constitutional rights, and people will cast their votes. None has rights to discourage people from casting votes and kill them.