Alam Ara Minu’s song for Women's Day

Talented Musician Alam Ara Minu has fascinated the audience with many songs of her. Now she performs regularly on stage and TV. This singer wants to spread her lifelong fascination with her songs among the listeners.

However, this musician sometimes writes her own songs and composes as well. She also composed songs written by others.

She has composed a special song for Women's Day this time. The title of the song is 'Shuno Prithibi Shuno'. The song is written by lyricist Adhara Jahan, and music composed by Manam Ahmed. The premiere of the song will be on a satellite channel on the coming Women's Day (March 7). Six female musicians were featured in this song.

A renowned performer will recite and a model, dancer will perform it, said Adhara Jahan. "I want to do something unique," she added. 

That is why I try to do these things even though it is very difficult. We are trying our best to make the work better. 'Alam Ara Minu said,' Adhara and me are more like neighbours. Adhara loves and respects me very much. After much deliberation, she created the melody of the song from inside me. I am fascinated by my own beauty. 

I can say for sure that the audience will like it. I like to compose, because I have a clear idea about the melody. '

 Alam Ara Minu composed the first tune of Akil's song 'Raat Katena Ghum Asena Jege Thaki Sararat'. Later she composed a song written by herself. This artist also composed some songs.