AL victory was essential for continuation of dev, economic stability

FBCCI, MCCI leaders hail AL win in national polls

Published : 08 Jan 2024 08:39 PM

Hailing the landslide victory of Awami League and its alliance partners in the just ended 12th national parliament elections, the country's top business leaders opine that the victory was essential for continuation of the ongo­ing deve­lopment process and economic stability.  

Passing reaction to the Bangladesh Post over the election, FBCCI President Mahbu­bul Alam said the successes in the election is nothing but the fruition of continued congenial environment and stability in terms of political and economic activities in the country.

"Usually we believe that politics is whose whose but economy is of all, so the continuation of the government was very essential for the smooth forward march of economy and its growth", said the Federation President.  

Kamran T Rahman, President of Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Dhaka (MCCI) said this resounding victory is a reflection of the aspirations of the people of Bangladesh, who have placed their trust in the Awami League's commitment outlined in its election manifesto. "Under the esteemed leadership of the Awami League President and the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Bangladesh has experienced a remarkable era of infrastructural development and economic progress over the last decade and a half", Kamran added. 

He said in the upcoming term, in line with the pledges made by the Awami Lea­gue, the people have placed their trust and confidence in their vision to advance the country with a greater emphasis on transparency, good governance, job creation, enhanced accountability in public administration, and the fostering of a more robust environment as well as policy support for businesses to thrive and expand domestically and globally.