AL’s poll preparation begins

‘Tested’ leaders should get party ticket

Published : 06 Nov 2023 10:22 PM

Awami League (AL) will sell nomination forms for the 12th general election which is scheduled to be held by January 29, 2024.

The maiden session of the 11th national parliament was held on January 23, 2019. The Election Commission has Constitutional obligation to conduct the 12th national polls by January 29, 2024.

The current situation is conducive to the announcement of the schedule of the 12th national polls. And the schedule for the polls would be announced in the first half of the current month.

Therefore, the AL has started preparation to this end. Watching the latest development in the country’s political arena, the party is preparing two lists of AL candidates. 

One will be used if BNP does not take part in Jatiya Sangsad poll while another will be used if BNP joins it, according to media reports. Apart from this, seat-sharing with AL alliance partners will also depend on the BNP’s decision.

Keeping this in mind, the incumbent AL lawmakers identified as corrupt, rude, patrons of criminals and party dissidents in local government polls and isolated from the grassroots, should be excluded from the list. On the other hand, the party high command must oust the ‘seasonal birds’ from the party’s leadership immediately as the national election approaches nearer.

Otherwise, corrupt and controversial leaders and the organised intruders, seasonal birds and opportunists will affect the party’s image as well as the upcoming general election in many ways. 

AL, the oldest and largest political party of Bangladesh, will have to be built as more well-organised and smarter ahead of the next parliamentary polls to get ready for repelling any conspiracy hatched against the country and its people.

Oust the ‘seasonal

 birds’ from the party’s

 leadership immediately

The party under the leadership of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s daughter Sheikh Hasina will have to be committed to upholding the democratic spirit at all costs right now. As the election is approaching, Bangabandhu’s killers, plotters at Tarique Rahman’s political office Hawa Bhaban and Jamaat-e-Islami are out to grab state power through the backdoor. Besides, some rightists, leftists and extreme leftists now have joined with them. 

We think the party high command and stalwarts will give a new look to it with the inclusion of dedicated and tested leaders while exclusion of “seasonal birds’ and fortune seekers in the upcoming national poll. But the fact is that the tested leaders and workers who stay with the party during its crisis and never tarnish the image of the party are being sidelined gradually while the intruders are getting involved in many crimes, causing harm to the reputation of the AL.

In this regard, we think the intruders and opportunists would not have any right to stay with AL and they must be ousted from the party as early as possible. 

It has been noticed over the past few years, the so-called intruders instead of doing something for the party or people, are engaged in serving their own purpose and interest and busy demeaning the party in a planned way.

The party high command has already evaluated the performance of the cabinet members, lawmakers and all leaders and workers ahead of the country’s general election. Party’s stalwarts, cabinet members and lawmakers’ contributions to their respective ministries and constituencies as well during this current global crisis have also been screened.

Therefore, we believe AL will evaluate the tested and dedicated leaders with awarding them nomination to contest the country’s upcoming general election this time.