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AL’s career workshop plan draws huge response

Published : 26 Jan 2021 10:07 PM

The Bangladesh Awami League’s plan to hold a ‘career workshop’ for the youths has drawn huge response with hundreds of young people registering online to participate in the initiative.

The registration commencing on January 9 will continue till midnight on January 30. Interested applicants can still access the program by logging in through

The party’s sub-committee on education and human resources organised a workshop titled ‘Career Workshop: Initiatives to develop youth efficiency and work-plan’ in association with the Centre for Research & Information (CRI).

The initiative is aimed at catalyzing youth development by providing career guidelines as many youths feel lost about their career due to the lack of proper directions and guidelines despite potential.

Bangladesh Awami League’s website described the vision of this project, saying, “The way we emerged as an independent and sovereign country under the leadership of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina carried forward that dream and transformed it into fulfillment.

“When a country, ravaged by war and thoroughly plundered by Pakistanis, was leaving no stone unturned to get back on its feet, the lethal grip of some traitors halted the country’s shuttle of progress. Then elapsed months and years. The aggression of autocrats and extremists deprived people of the benefits of independence.

“But, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina started rebuilding Bangabandhu’s Golden Bangla. With the development wheel rolling on, Bangladesh has made a paradigm shift in the last 12 years. The dark of extremism and load-shedding has been dispelled by the light across the country. The country’s infrastructure changed beyond recognition. A new Bangladesh is pacing up with the developed world through a digital transformation. But the young generation is yet to harness all the opportunities arising from this development.

“Bangladesh Awami League wants to support each family with an overarching purpose to help youths explore their potential by harnessing all opportunities related to our infrastructure. That is why this party formed by Bangabandhu himself has taken up this initiative to support youths as the first political party in South Asia to come up with such a massive initiative,” it added.

Organisers said, “We believe the massive infrastructure built by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will help youths harness their potential to the highest level. But, the maximum harnessing of potential by youths requires proper guidelines. Unfortunate as it may sound, despite achieving academic feats, the country’s youths don’t possess ample knowledge about the modern workplace. Sometimes a generation passes the very crux of their life only to get aware of financial career.

When they finally get a grip on reality, by that time, their golden days are gone. Their spirit for work is exhausted. Moreover, our youths are lagging in the kind of education geared towards the career.

At the beginning of learning or somewhere in their student life, they hardly get any chance to do career-oriented study.

That is why Bangladesh Awami League will provide youths with prior knowledge about selecting their profession and equip youths in this regard.

CRI Coordinator Tonmoy Ahmed said, “CRI always prioritizes youth and that is why it got involved in it. We are working on advancing the prime minister’s vision of creating a skilled workforce.”

Gurukul Online Network CEO Sufi Faruq Ibne Abubakar said, “All the youths of Bangladesh will be able to best harness their potential using the infrastructure made by the prime minister. To ensure that, every youth requires a specific career plan and preparation. All these arrangements are geared towards making that happen.”