AL picks Goni, BNP Refat for Savar municipality polls

Published : 19 Dec 2020 09:14 PM

Hazi Abdul Goni, Mayor Savar municipality and President of AL municipal committee, finally got the party ticket for upcoming mayoral race.

Awami league on Friday selected him for party ticket out of six candidates, in a meeting of local government nomination board held at Ganabhaban, which was presided by Sheikh Hasina, the Prime Minister and the President of Bangladesh Awami League. Hazi Abdul Goni, he, himself confirmed the matter to The Bangladesh Post. On other hand, BNP selected Alhaz Refat Ullah, former mayor and former president of BNP Savar municipal committee, for party ticket to contest the upcoming Savar municipality elections. 

Earlier, a total of four leaders from Awami League including Hazi Abdul Goni, one from Jubo League, and one other from Krishak League vying and trying to set up strong lobbying to central to win the party ticket.  On the other hand, BNP though earlier campaigned mentioning the name of Shah Mainul Hossein Biltu, but tactically BNP selects Refat Ullah in last stage to contest in mayoral race. BNP leaders and activists considering it’s a part of political tricks. 

Although, Awami League supporters and well-wishers are opined that doesn’t matter whatever the strategy BNP use, Al will win the polls as BNP have no contribution to municipal, which will lead them to victory. Notably, the upcoming Savar municipal polls will be held in EVM system for the first time. A total of one lakh 95 thousands and 273 voters there, and among them 98 thousands and 208 are male voters and 97 thousands and 65 are female voters.