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AL careful in choosing picks for UP polls

Published : 25 Oct 2021 10:16 PM | Updated : 26 Oct 2021 06:41 PM

Since the present government is now facing the rise of fanaticism highly and deepest conspiracies being hatched by the vested quarters, the ruling Awami League is very careful in choosing candidates for the union parishad elections.

The ruling party has taken the decision to fight the communal forces as well as to check the conspiracies, which are trying to fish in troubled water by destroying the country’s communal harmony.

In this regard, the Awami League has also decided to reunite the party’s grass roots and fight the local government elections.  

Jahangir Kabir Nanak, a presidium member of the Awami League, on Monday said that the number of fanatic forces are now on the rise. These evil forces are trying to destabilize the communal harmony and tarnish the country’s image at home and abroad through hatching conspiracies, spreading of rumours and false propaganda.  

Meanwhile, Awami League (AL) General Secretary Obaidul Quader, also the Minister for Road Transport and Bridges, on Monday directed the party’s local leaders to send the particulars of the party's honest, tested and honest leaders in the grass roots for nominations in the local government elections instead of those who are controversial and intruders.

The general secretary of the ruling Awami League came up with this directives while briefing journalists at his office at the secretariat.

He said, as per the party’s constitution, if there is any specific allegation against any candidate, there is a scope of filing appeal against the candidate.

“Many appeals with specific allegations against the candidates are being filed to the office of the party president’s political office at Dhanmondi. Change have already been made in the nominations to different candidates”, said Obaidul Quader.

Elaborating the nomination system and process, the Awami League general secretary said, the leaders in the grass roots level send the particulars of candidates in the local government elections to the centre through a specific process.

“The particulars of the candidates are forwarded from the Union Parishad level to the centre via upazila and district levels. Recommendations by the leaders of the upazila and district levels are being considered”, he said.

Obaidul Quader said, leaders of all the levels have been strictly directed to send names of the candidates who are dedicated to the party, honest and dedicated. They also have been asked to give up all kinds of kinship and greed. 

Obaidul Quader ruled out the possibility of recurring the situation like one-eleven in the country while talking about BNP’s recent remarks on the upcoming national elections.

He said BNP is in a dream of another one-eleven when the army-backed caretaker government declared state of emergency that lasted for long two years after the regime of BNP in 2006.

“BNP is expecting one more one-eleven...but it would not take place again in the country,’ he said.

“BNP wants to go to power not by winning ballot, but through any undemocratic means,” he told the press conference. 

Sharply criticising a statement made by the BNP leaders that ‘BNP will never participate in elections under the ruling Awami League,’ the ruling party leader said “It [BNP’s statement] is nothing but a suicidal tendency by a responsible political party.”

Quader, however, gave assurance that the election would not take place under the Awami League government, but it will be held under the Election Commission (EC).

Although the BNP is still pursuing their ‘outdated way’ about participating in the polls, but it is obvious that the elections will be held on time in the country, he said.

Blasting the BNP for resorting to rumour and propaganda as their political strategy, the minister said the birth of this particular political party is widely known to the people. “BNP is now in a dilemma as either they are not triggering movement or participating in the elections,’ he said.

Terming the BNP as an isolated party, Obaidul Quader said not Awami League, but BNP is on the brink of bankruptcy as the party is in fear of election and people have no belief in their capacity to hold any demonstration.

“Their [BNP’s] existence now has been limited to facebook and online,” the ruling party leader told the journalists.

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