AL, BNP showdown

They must take a more patient approach

Published : 27 Oct 2023 08:50 PM

A tense situation is prevailing in the city as the country’s two major political parties -- Awami League (AL) and Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) -will take to the streets today with “counter” programmes.

BNP senior leaders were determined to hold their much-talked-about grand rally in front of their Nayapaltan party office today. On the other hand, AL leaders said they are set to hold a rally at the same time in front of their party office located in city’s Bangabandhu Avenue.

As an uneasy calm has descended over the city, most people remained indoors since Friday midnight fearing escalation of violence. The major political parties’ programmes have also raised a big question about what is going to happen today (Saturday).

Keeping this in mind, the political parties especially the AL and BNP should take a more patient approach in holding their respective programmes. A favourable environment is urgently needed for the next elections. People want peaceful elections. They want free and fair elections. They want peace in elections. Country’s people also want peaceful environment before and after the polls. 

As we are the peace-loving people of the state, we cannot afford to tolerate any sort of  chaotic situation. Therefore, law enforcement agencies must remain alert and will take action against any disorder created by BNP in the name of movement.

BNP can raise movement as it is their political right. But if they create any disorder and anarchy in the name of movement they should not be spared. BNP has been termed a terrorist organisation again a few months ago by the Federal Court of Canada while dismissing the plea of a BNP member who sought political asylum.

So, it has been proved in the courts of Canada and Bangladesh that BNP is a terrorist party. A speedy trial tribunal sentenced 19 people to death, 19 others, including Tarique Rahman, to life imprisonment and eight more to different terms of jail in two cases filed over the August 21 grenade attack on an Awami League rally in the capital in 2004.

BNP has once again been recognised internationally as a terrorist organisation for the fifth time.

Therefore, the people of the country are in a state of panic when BNP wants want to hold political programmes as the party is the symbol of terrorism, violence and corruption to the countrymen.

They (BNP) are carrying out protest which means arson attack and burning people alive again under the leadership of Tarique Rahman.

The BNP-Jamaat alliance had tried time and again to put hindrance to the democratic process by resorting to the culture of arson attacks, terrorism and killings.