Akbaria Hotel offering food to the needy for hundred years

Published : 21 Nov 2020 08:46 PM | Updated : 22 Nov 2020 08:30 AM

Unemployed and hungry people starts gathering in front of Akbaria Hotel in Bogura before 12:00 o'clock at night. The hotel authorities have been providing good quality food here every night for more than a hundred years. 

Although the hotels were closed due to strikes, blockades or natural calamities, the distribution of food did not stop on any day. Even though the hotel business in corona has been closed for a long time, they have continued to provide food aid to the poor and unemployed. They provide special food for the two Eid among the street children. Dinner is never off at this hotel if everything is closed on May Day.

This great initiative has continued in the midst of the recession of the hotel business in Corona. With the amount of food that is given to a person every night, you can eat dinner and eat it in the morning. The locals are of the opinion that many have come away from petty crimes due to the distribution of food.

When there were strikes, blockades and floods in the country, it did not stop. This time in the epidemic it did not stop. Akbaria Grand Hotel and Restaurant has been providing free food to the needy, foodless and destitute people in Bogura for hundreds of years. The corona virus could not suppress them. 

On the contrary, due to Corona, the chairman and directors of this organization in Bogura have secretly delivered food items to the houses of the helpless.

The late Akbar Ali Mian has established a unique reputation by distributing food among the needy people in Bogura. 

Hotel Akbaria Grand Hotel is the only traditional centenary company in Bogura. Its location is next to the police station on Kazi Nazrul Islam Road. The hotel authorities have been distributing free food at night to beggars, the poor, the floating, the uprooted and the needy in the city for 108 years. 

Every night between 11:30 pm and 12:30 pm, the hotel authorities provide good quality food to the unnamed people in the city. No labor or price is taken for this. The hotel serves completely different meals, not stale or leftover food throughout the day.

The food is distributed separately after cooking separately every day. And every day poor people flock to the city for this food. Every day two to three hundred poor and miserable people get food here in Petpur at one time. And for this you have to cook 40 kg of rice every night. Comes with pulses and vegetables. The late Akbar Ali Mian started distributing food among the poor and needy people for the first time. He has established this unique reputation. Which has been going on for more than a century. And the Akbaria Grand Hotel Authority has maintained this continuity. It is learned that the late Alhaj Akbar Ali Mian, the founder of Akbaria Grand Hotel, was born in the then Murshidabad district of India.

Bogura Zilla Parishad panel chairman Sultan Mahmud Khan Rony said people often have to go to anti-social activities due to hunger. The people who get food from Akbaria refrain from committing misdeeds as they are not hungry.

Mafuzul Islam Raj, co-president of the Bogra Chamber of Commerce, said, "A class of people in Bogra believe that they will get food at night. Akbaria has ensured that food day after day."

In all disasters, Akbaria Hotel has continued to distribute dinner, which is unique. Additional DIG of Dhaka Range (Superintendent of Police in charge of Bogra) Mohammad Asaduzzaman BPM said that there is no better job than putting food in the mouths of the neglected people of the society. 

Akbaria Hotel has been carrying on that extraordinary and impossible task for ages. Not only that, they also provide new clothes and Eid materials to the orphans of the society before Eid. He called upon all the affluent and rich people of the society like Akbaria Group to come forward to help and cooperate with the disadvantaged people.