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Airtel launches campaign to promote mental health awareness

Published : 10 Oct 2022 10:21 PM

Airtel launched a Facebook-based mental health awareness platform titled ‘কথাহবেবন্ধু’, with an aim to raise awareness on mental health issues among the youth, with the support of Sajida Foundation, a leading NGO, as the technical partner.

This digital platform will play a crucial role in educating the youth of Bangladesh about mental health by connecting them with professionals for any expert advice, apart from providing an online community of friends who are happy and eager to provide empathy to affected youth.

The platform was inaugurated at Mahila Shamiti Auditorium located at Bailey Road in Dhaka. A special theatrical performance was staged in front of the guests to mark the occasion. The performance illustrated the impact of mental health problems that affect the younger generation. The popular theater group 'Prachyanat' presented the piece, under the supervision of Saiful Jornal.

Sara Zaker, renowned actress, entrepreneur, and social activist was the event’s honored guest. Robi’s Head of Brands and Marketing Communication, Shamim Uz Zama, Sajida Mental Health Program’s Director, Clinical Services and Advisor, Dr. Ashique Selim, senior officials of Airtel team, Sajida Foundation and Asiatic MCL were present at the event. Students from universities across the country were among the invited guests at the event.

Robi’s Head of Brands and Marketing Communication, Shamim Uz Zaman, said on the event, “Mental health issues pose a significant threat to the young generation of today. The lack of proper information and available support is making our youth feel increasingly alone and helpless. They are in dire need of a space to speak up, where their voices will be heard, where their needs will be supported, and expert help will be readily available, if required. This platform shall aim to provide this space for youth and work towards raising awareness on mental health issues.”