Airport safety

A top priority for the country

There has been an increased influx of people travelling to and from Bangladesh. However, our airports are not adequately equipped to securely process this huge amount of passengers and cargo. The need to upgrade security is now of more importance than ever, as the threat of global terrorism is on the rise. 

In order to address this threat to our national security, Civil Aviation Authority Bangladesh (CAAB) with the financial assistance of development partners is going to install latest security scanners for both cargo and passengers at the three international airports of the country.

Strengthening airport security

 would go a long way to help 

preserve wildlife species of our country

Not only will this help security forces deal with organized terrorist groups threatening to infiltrate the country, it will also help to solve illegal trafficking of people and goods. This is particularly true of the Chattogram airport, which has been described as a gateway of human trafficking. 

There has also been an increase in the incidences of gold smuggling through the country’s air routes. The international airports of our country have become easy entry points of illegal gold which is later smuggled out of Bangladesh across borders. This deprives the government of a huge amount of revenue and creates a good scope for money laundering and accumulation of black money.   

Wildlife Trafficking is another aspect which the current security systems of our airport struggle to rein in. The US state department lists Bangladesh as major transit point of smuggled wildlife products and their derivatives. The ease of trafficking further encourages poachers in the Sundarbans to hunt and kill endangered species such as the spotted deer and the Bengal Tiger. Strengthening airport security would go a long way to help preserve wildlife species of our country.