AI in oil, gas extraction

This is good news indeed

Published : 27 Feb 2024 08:37 PM

It is indeed good news that the government will use artificial intelligence (AI) to know about the amount of geological data and forecast the probability of finding oil and gas reserves across the country. We believe our geologists will be able to discover a huge potential reserves of mineral resources in the hilly region particularly Sylhet that could significantly strengthen Bangladesh’s economy.

We see the development of AI technologies growing rapidly and transforming the economy across the globe. Therefore, the AI is transforming business models across many sectors including mineral resources.

As many countries in the world are facing various difficulties and challenges, AI has emerged as a promising technology for tackling these challenges. The adoption of AI is now a game-changer for mining.

It (AI) is now allowing for more efficient exploration generating greater yields, improving safety, and maximising extraction, maintenance and operational performance in different countries. We cannot imagine how widely international companies and agencies are now using AI to boost their energy production and ensure security. 

The Bangladesh Post on Tuesday ran a story headlined “Govt for deployment of AI in oil extraction” detailing the use of AI in optimising oil extraction from Sylhet-10 well and other prospective gas and oil fields across the country. Traditional oil and gas exploration mainly depends on fieldwork performed by humans, which is prone to error.

AI is transforming business

 models across many sectors

 including mineral resources

Therefore, the traditional oil exploration and prediction process should be updated. We think, if AI is used for oil exploration and prediction process, it will be easy to analyse massive geological data. Bangladesh needs to modernise the exploration practices of its energy sector aligned to international standards, particularly focusing on drilling development process and increasing productivity. Most of the countries in the developed world are now using AI to increase their productivity in oil and gas extraction.

AI is undeniably the future of information technology and changing the world for the better. The state-run Bangladesh Petroleum Exploration and Production Company Limited lags behind the ones in the developed countries, as it is still adopting a go-slow policy to use AI. The benefits of AI for geological data and mineral resources pose a lot of opportunities for us that we must explore.

Collaboration among the government, academia and BAPEX is needed to prepare the country for adoption of AI in extracting mineral resources. We believe the use of AI will help our country increase domestic production, reduce costs and ensure security to a great extent.

Using AI our geologists and engineers will analyse extensive geological data to predict the likelihood of discovering oil and gas reservoirs. The latest technology will give the message to the experts to go for fresh discovery of potential prospects of natural gas or oil reserves that will bring good news and hope for the nation.

As per the plan, Bapex took an initiative to dig two wells to explore for gas between 2019 and 2021, 13 wells between 2022 and 2030 and 20 wells between 2031 and 2041.

Besides, the prospective gas fields are in three shallow water areas and one deep water area in the Bay of Bengal. So, the government will have to continue its efforts to turn Bapex into an international standard one in gas exploration, extraction and production by adaptation of AI.  Besides, Bapex’s capacity will also have to be strengthened and enhanced in a planned way. Apart from these, we also think the state-run organisation needs to be modernised in gas production, drilling, work-over, rig scheduling, exploration (geophysical and geological), organisational structure and manpower recruitment. If the Bapex is strengthened, Bangladesh would not have to depend on foreign companies to invite them for oil and gas exploration in the country.