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Agro productions up manifold

Steps taken for proper marketing, fair process

Published : 05 Aug 2021 10:11 PM | Updated : 06 Aug 2021 03:13 PM

As the agricultural production has increased manifold, the government has taken various steps for proper marketing of those so that the farmers get fair price. 

Many entrepreneurs have been created in agricultural sector due to the support of various programmes launched by the government.

The government has launched an app named ‘Shodai’ for consumers, farmers, entrepreneurs and agro-traders (agricultural traders) at a local and national level. 

Agriculture Minister Abdur Razzak inaugurated the app on Wednesday. He said that the production of agricultural produces in the country has increased manifold. There has also been surprising success in production. 

Shodai app is a landmark step that would help increase sale of agricultural products. If this app is successfully implemented, it will work to ensure a fair price for the farmers of the country, reduce the interference of middlemen, and ensure the quality of agricultural products.

Shodai is the first government-managed agricultural marketing app in Bangladesh. Its language is Bengali and it will be a direct link between farmers and consumers. The Department of Agricultural Marketing will monitor the quality and sales of agricultural products traded on the Shodai platform. 

Farmers and entrepreneurs will get the opportunity to sell without commission by registering for free. Mobile banking payments and cash on delivery payments will be available. There are price verification opportunities and tracking facility of ordered products. 

The department will provide training to farmers and entrepreneurs on various topics. Transportation facilities will be available especially in the field.

Shodai has two apps. One is for general consumers’ use and the other is for entrepreneurs. Both the apps can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

In addition to ensuring a fair price for the crops produced by the farmers, the consumers should also be assured to buy safe and uncontaminated products at the right price. The Shodai app will serve this purpose.

Dr. M A Awal, Member Director of Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council (BARC) told Bangladesh Post that industrialization of agriculture will bring huge changes in the economy of the country. Producer of agro-based products will be able to create a better market for their products and will also get a fair price. New entrepreneurs will be inspired to come into agricultural production which will also help generate employment. By exporting processed agricultural products, foreign exchange will come which will further accelerate the progress of development of Bangladesh.

He said long-term soft loans with special incentives for setting up processed industries of agricultural products, agro-industrialization will be developed significantly in the country which is very important for Bangladesh at present. 

According to the officials of the Department of Agricultural Marketing, through these apps, numerous agro-entrepreneurs in five categories will be able to sell their products. At the same time, the role of intermediaries in marketing channels is expected to decrease. 

Initially, marketing activities are being launched only in the district headquarters through this app. Gradually it will be expanded to the upazila level.

It is learned that the prices of agricultural products will be fixed by the Department of Agricultural Marketing, so entrepreneurs will not be able to realize arbitrary prices. The company will oversee the business activities of all online entrepreneurs. 

If the quality of the product is poor or the product is adulterated, the department can cancel the registration of the entrepreneur and take legal action as per the 'Agricultural Marketing Act-2018' and 'Consumer Rights Protection Act, 2009'.

The Department of Agricultural Marketing will provide necessary assistance and advice to online entrepreneurs in addition to monitoring their business activities. Training will be given on product grading, sorting, packaging, processing and marketing. The department will provide reasonable pricing of products in online stores and ensure quality of products and transport facilities in certain cases.