Afzal Hossain and Bappa Mazumder receive special recognition in India

Published : 06 Jun 2023 08:25 PM

Afzal Hossain, the renowned actor and television director and Bappa Mazumder, the popular singer of Bangladesh, received special recognition in India. They were given two awards in two different categories on 4 June, during the 20th Telecine Award. 

In his interview, Afzal Hossain told TBS from Kolkata, "We always follow cinemas, literature and drama produced from Kolkata. But the ones we make do not reach Kolkata to that same extent. In recent times, the audience from Kolkata are watching Bangladeshi drama and are becoming aware of our actors, thanks to the OTT platforms. My observation is that, if the scope of our workspace were to increase in Kolkata, then the engagement of artists in Dhaka would increase, the scope of work would also increase.

The similarity of our languages also works in that advantage. And in an award show like this, artists and stars from both spectrums of Bengal meet and exchange their views. It broadens and strengthens the bond between them which is fantastic to witness. And it is in such an event where I was awarded the 'Lifetime Award'."

Acclaimed Bangladeshi singer Bappa Mazumder has also been awarded in the "Tele Cine Award" for his special contribution to Bangla music.

Earlier, he also shared photos with popular actor Chanchal Chowdhury in Kolkata where he was seen playing a piano.  Bappa is famous for romantic compositions of Bangla songs and is known as "The Melody King of Bangladesh". His top tracks are "Amar Chokhey Jol", "Kothao Keu Nei" , "Bondhu Tumi", "Biborno Sriti" and many more.