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ADP implementation lowest in 5 years

Published : 13 Oct 2021 09:51 PM | Updated : 14 Oct 2021 04:35 PM

Bangladesh has seen the lowest implementation of the Annual Development Programme (ADP) during the first three months of the current fiscal, which is the lowest in the last five years.

The figure shows it is the lowest percentage being only 5.31 percent during this period, Tk 12,566.30 crore has been spent for the implementation of ADP against 1,591 projects.

This information was unveiled on the update report of the Monitoring and Evaluation Department (IMED) on Wednesday.

The size of the Annual Development Program (ADP) for the current fiscal year 2021-22 is Tk. 2,36,793 crore.

During the first wave of Corona (July-September), the implementation rate of this three-month Annual Development Program (ADP) was good. 

During the fiscal years 2020-21 and 2019-20, the ADP implementation rate was 8.06 percent. 

In the first three months of FY 2018-19 and FY 2017-2018, the ADP implementation rate was 8.25 percent and 10.21 percent respectively.

At the end of the first three months of the current financial year (July-September), the implementation rate of development programs is less than that of the corona period. 

The project implementation rate was only 1.47 percent last September while it was 4.17 percent in the same time as the previous year.

According to IMED sources, the health sector is not able to spend the money even though the highest allocation has been given for corona. 

In July-September, the project implementation rate in this sector is only 1.31 percent. Among the highest allocated ministries, the most priority ministry in the current ADP is the health sector. 

Tk 13,000.19 crore has been allocated for public health services involving 46 projects. In the first three months, this ministry was able to spend only Tk 170.16 crore, which is only 1.31 percent of the total allocation. 

In addition, the allocation of the health education and family welfare department was Tk 2,558.03 crore. In three months, only 6.18 percent or Tk 158.01 crore has been spent on those sectors. 

In contrast to 214 projects, there is a total allocation of Tk 33,901 crore for the local government department. Only 7.48 percent or Tk 2,532.84 crore has been spent.

In contrast to 75 projects in the power sector, this year there is an allocation of Tk 28,056.26 crore. In three months, their expenditure has been Tk 2,351.24 crore or 8.38 percent.

Tk 1,147.51 crore has been spent against the allocation of Tk 28,041.06 crore for 182 projects of the Road Transport and Highways Department for the development of roads in the country, which is only 4.09 percent of the total allocation.

The Ministry of Science and Information Technology has allocated Tk 20,633.86 crore for 21 projects due to nuclear power plants, but in the last three months, they have spent Tk 1,112.24 crore, which is only 5.39 percent of the total allocation. 

The Ministry of Railways has allocated Tk 11,919.51 crore against 36 projects. It spent only Tk 544.17 crore or 4.01 percent in three months.

According to IMED, progress among key and allocated ministries include secondary and higher education, the Ministry of Shipping, the Ministry of Housing and Public Works, the Department of Public Security, the Department of Statistics and Information Management, the Ministry of Rural Development and Cooperatives, and the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs. 

Ministry of Public Administration, Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change, Ministry of Social Welfare, Ministry of Commerce, Department of Law and Justice, Ministry of Youth and Sports is below two percent.

The Department of Internal Resources has not been able to spend any money in these three months. 

There is an allocation of Tk 387 crore for them in 4 projects. The same situation is with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

Although Tk 129 crore has been allocated for 7 projects, no money has been spent in the ministry in the last three months.

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