ADP implementation better than last year

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, implementation of the Annual Development Programme (ADP) has progressed 4.17 percent to Tk 8,950 crore in September over Tk 7,717 crore in the same period last year.

The implementation rate of the ADP during July-September period of the current fiscal (FY20-21) stood at 8.06 percent, showing a positive trend amid the coronavirus crisis.

According to a report of the Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation Division (IMED) of the Ministry of Planning, all ministries, along with divisions and agencies, spent almost Tk 17,301 crore during the time.

Of this, Tk 11,274 crore was spent from government funds, Tk 5,458 crore from foreign aid and Tk 570 crore from company's own funding.

In the same period of the previous fiscal, the government utilized the same 8.06 percent of the total allocation for the ADP.

According to sources, the government is implementing ADP of Tk 2,14,611 crore in the current fiscal.

Of this, Tk 1,34,643 crore is being spent from government funds, Tk 70,502 crore from foreign aid and Tk 9,466 crore from implementing agencies' own funds.

Pradip Ranjan Chakraborty, Secretary of the IMED, said the ADP implementation was reduced in July-August due to Covid-19.

“In this context, the Planning Minister gave DO letters to each ministry and department. Highlighting the progress of any ministry, he urged to speed up the project,” he informed.

 Usually, such DO letters are never issued in two months of the fiscal year, he said adding that, this time, it has been done.

 As a result, it has been possible to implement ADP equal to three months of that in the last fiscal amid Corona pandemic, he informed.

However, the religious affairs ministry implemented the highest 25.71 percent of its allocation.

It was followed by the Energy and Mineral Resources Division with 22.46 percent, Election Commission Secretariat (20.80 percent), Economic Relations Department (ERD) (18.84 percent), Cabinet (14.60 percent) and Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief (11.68 percent) respectively.

On the other hand, some ministries and departments have lagged behind in ADP implementation with progress rates below 1 percent. They are the National Parliament Secretariat (zero percent), public administration ministry (0.60 percent), Bangladesh Public Service Commission (0.13 percent), Internal Resources Division (0.22 percent), Law and Justice Division (0.43 percent) and Public Security Division (0.49 percent).