Adim to be screened at Bulgarian film festival

Published : 06 May 2023 09:35 PM | Updated : 20 Nov 2023 07:49 PM

Juboraj Shamim’s film ‘Adim’ is going to be released in the theaters of the country soon. He is currently busy with that campaign. However, before the release of the movie in the country, he gave another good news to the audience.

It will be screened at a film festival in Bulgaria after the release of Adim in local theatres.

It is known that the 31st edition of ‘International Film Festival Love is Folly’ will be held in Varna, Bulgaria on August 25. At the same festival, ‘Adim’ was nominated in the International Competition category.

Shamim said, “I will announce soon when ‘Adim’ is releasing in the country. We have already officially started the releasing campaign. After the release in the country, Adim’s destination is Bulgaria.”

He also said, “I will be present there on the invitation of the authorities of the festival. After Moscow, I have never submitted anywhere else. Currently I am busy with the release process of the movie. However, thanks to the film circuit, the journey of ‘Adim’ continues at various film festivals around the world.”

Adim is mainly based on the slums. Shamim said that the film was produced under his own production house Rasayan and Cinemakar and Lotus Films were attached as co-producers.

Earlier, Adim has been shown in Russia, Italy, New York, Moscow and has won praise. The movie was recently screened at the ‘Habitat International Film Festival’ in Delhi.

Badsha, Dulal, Sohagi, Sadek etc. acted in various roles in the movie. The film festival to be held in Bulgaria will come down on September 3.