Achievement of MDGs

A journey of growth and development

Published : 03 Jan 2022 07:31 PM | Updated : 05 Jan 2022 03:54 PM

The incumbent government’s all-round initiatives in the fiscal sector led to the rapid growth of the country’s economy over the last three years. One of the significant reasons for our economic boost is the leadership of the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina which is developing our country at all fonts. 

Sheikh Hasina recently said that nothing can stop her from working to change the fate of the people and she vowed to do it through attaining the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

If the remaining economic complexities are

removed it will bolster the already 

augmented GDP growth

For such rapid economic boost under the current government, inder the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) Bangladesh graduated to the developing country from the least developed country (LDC) category. Accomplishment of Bangladesh’s graduation from the LDC to a developing country did not come ordinarily, rather it has been possible due to the government’s planned initiatives that included short, medium and long-term plans alongside unwavering support of the countrymen, development partners and friendly countries.

The government now needs to formulate and implement policies to continue the positive macroeconomic trend. More foreign direct investments should be attracted and exports should be maximised so that we can maintain a trade surplus. To attract more foreign investments in our resilient garment sector, government can target the companies which are recently shifting away from China, and if we can get part of it and attract some of those companies, that would be a good opening to bring and diversify the economy too. For a sustainable economic growth, government should consider to make economic reforms in the fundamental sense. If the remaining economic complexities are removed it will bolster the already augmented GDP growth.

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