Accomplish dev projects quickly

Published : 15 Feb 2024 08:59 PM

While addressing the Executive Committee of National Economic Council (ECNEC) meeting, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina asked all concerned particularly the secretaries of the ministries to take prompt measures in completing the low-cost projects at the quickest possible time. She also instructed to complete the time-extended development schemes swiftly to save money and time as well.

The timeframe of some projects was extended. So, these projects should be accomplished quickly. Otherwise, expenses will increase unnecessarily and even time as well. People will get a return if the government can quickly complete the priority projects. So, they (secretaries) have to fix priority projects keeping the current situation in mind. As the world economy is reeling from the impact of pandemic, the Russia-Ukraine war, sanctions and counter sanctions, they should always remember that Bangladesh has taken a financial austerity policy. The government has taken numerous projects to ensure overall development of the country. 

The people get returns only when the projects are done within the deadline. But, the timely execution of a number projects always looks uncertain due to the lengthy bureaucratic tangle in getting the necessary supports.  



of a number projects always looks 

uncertain due to the lengthy

 bureaucratic tangle 

As the bureaucratic red tape holds up most projects, it is very difficult to implement them on time. So, bureaucratic red tape has remained a major constraint for implementation of the projects.  The public servants of ministries and departments either take “excessive time” to give a go-ahead for the process or remain reluctant. Therefore, many projects that have got stuck in bureaucratic tangle usually need more funds and more time.

Apart from taking projects on a priority basis, the secretaries also must give concentration on fast implementation of the development works within the stipulated time in order to avoid undue delay alongside cutting down unnecessary expenses. The government has been implementing the 8th five year plan, SDG of the UN and the 2021-2041 perspective plan to turn Bangladesh as a developed and prosperous country. 

If these projects are completed quickly, the country’s economy will see a big change. Therefore, the government high ups must run their activities in the way so the ongoing development pace of country might continue in the future as well. They (secretaries) should execute the prime minister’s directives as they are assigned to do so. We hope they will speed up the implementation works of different projects and contribute to development in the country also as worthy citizens.