Academic certificate forgery

A threat to our education sector

Published : 29 Aug 2021 09:02 PM | Updated : 30 Aug 2021 12:39 AM

We are gravely concerned over the menace of fake educational certificate business. Such serious fraudulent activity poses significant threat to the original certificates holders.

It is shocking to note that some employees of the education boards are involved in the business of making fake educational  certificate. This racket is not only involved in fraudulent activities with Dhaka Board, but has connections with other boards too.

In the face of massive drives by the different law enforcement agencies, the organised fraud gangs involved in producing fake academic certificates went into hiding but they have returned to their illegal business again with fresh strategies using digital system. Anybody can easily obtain a 'near original' fake certificates of secondary school certificate and higher school certificate, honours and masters degree certificates in exchange of money.

The government should take stern action against those

 who are involved in fake certificate


This gang produces the certificate in the finest manner so that any difference between the fake and original can be found. And now the organised criminals have changed their traditional strategies, getting involved in producing counterfeit certificates using internet and digital system facilities.

Reportedly, plainclothes police on Saturday arrested seven members of fraudulent group from different parts of the city for their connection with making fake educational certificates. Among the arrestees, Maruf is an official of the education board and also a personal assistant of a CBA leader.

Since long this organised thugs are producing and selling fake education certificates across the capital to a good number of students who buy them at minimal price. Thus a section of dishonest people can buy fake certificates easily to apply for jobs or get visas. 

Considering the situation, all educational institutions and government, and private organisations must develop and install reliable app at their respective offices immediately to verify their students or employees’ certificates. We think intelligence personnel will also carry out investigation whether any higher official of the education board is involved in this connection. The government will also have to take stern action against those who obtain fake certificates and apply for jobs or visas. People whose certificates or degree are proven to be counterfeit must be dealt severely.