AC calls former D G of Health Directorate to his office

The Anti-corruption Commission has  served notice  to the former Director-General (D G) of Health  Prof. Dr. Abul Kalam Azad to appear at the headquarters of the Anti-corruption  Commission on 12th and 13th August in order to conduct probes on the irregularities in the supply of  masks and PPE including other equipment of health.

This information  was obtained from  the  letter sent to D G from  the headquarters of Anti corruption Commission   signed on Thursday  by director Mir Mohammad Jainul Abedin Shibli.

The  letter says,"Allegations against the concerned  officials and employees of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and the Directorate of Health have been made in connection with    buying masks, PPE and other health  equipment of inferior quality .through irregularities, corruption and misuse of power,  and supplying them to different hospitals for treatment of COVID19 and thereby the accusation for   acquiring  of illegal wealth by embezzling tens of millions of tk in  collusion with others has been leveled at."

The letter further says," For the interest of thorough and proper inquiry,  hearing and recording of your  statement is  essentially needed"

Under the above circumstances, you are highly requested to appear with  records (if  any ) relating to the allegations at the office of the undersigned at 10 am on August 12,2020.

Failing to appear on time, it will be assumed that you have nothing to make any statement.