The nation immersed in speculation

Abrar’s brutal killing

It is disconcerting news that the students of Bangladesh’s top universities can get murdered within the premise of their dormitories. Even though reports have been published in this daily that the culprits have been arrested and already cases have been filed against them, it is utterly preposterous that a student got killed without any valid reason regardless of his political affiliation. Even more heartrending is the fact that the murder took place on the notion that the deceased Abrar was an affiliate of Islami Chhatra Shibir.

The uproar on social media and informal gatherings about the political affiliation being the sole reason for Abrar’s murder has reached every ear. And it is a valid point which has been brought to the public’s notice. However, there are groups in society who judge a person’s character based on an individual’s Facebook profile. It is highly illogical to understand the complex human nature of an individual or find out one’s beliefs and ideals from surfing over ones virtual identity. Yet, this is where the public and some pseudo-intellectuals of society are focusing on. 

Besides speculating on the political affiliation of Abrar, general public are also getting hooked on Abrar’s views on Indo-Bangla bilateral relations. And many are contemplating that this could be a reason why he was murdered. Regardless of the reason behind Abrar’s murder, the heinous way he was killed is a wakeup call for the Bangladeshi law enforcement personnel and authorities concerned. Senseless beating to kill someone is nothing more than brutal torture. 

On the other hand, it is commendable news that the authorities have already captured and arrested the accused murderers. However, this type of senseless killing is harmful for the overall sovereignty of the nation. The relevant authorities should take proper steps to try the culprits in a proper court of law and ensure harsh and exemplary punishment.