Abdullah Shuvro’s third novel published

Published : 01 Sep 2022 09:54 PM

“Makhoner Deaslai” is an excellent Novel written by Poet and novelist Abdullah Shuvro. This is his third novel. A newly married couple from lower income group during 70s in Bangladesh is the main focal point of this novel. The fundamental theme of this novel is humanity. 

Couples struggle and lifetime journey is dramatically depicted in this novel. Some arrogant and classic romances purifies the Novels Ultimate journey.

Novelist has shown his literary skill, which can be felt while reading this novel. Ending plot is so dramatic which can touch every readers emotion. Some characters of this novel felt so typical and Cunning . Readers can find these characters people are still available in our society. Abdullah Shuvro’s literary works are popular now a days. His previous published two novels and four poetry books are remarkable creation. In this novel, author Abdullah Shuvro has shown his intellectuality and philosophical view during character creation, dialogue throwing.