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Abahani to build camp inside federation

Published : 10 Feb 2024 08:41 PM

It would be an exceptional season in the upcoming hockey league for Abahani Limited. One of the hot favourites and traditional clubs, the Abahani Hockey Team, will build a camp at federation premises this season.

Football players stay in the club tent, and renovation works are going on at the club, which is why the hockey team will stay at the federation.

After the completion of player transfers on Thursday, the team came to stay at the federation with full preparation. Abahani practiced at Moulana Bhashani Stadium in the morning on Friday last.

Meanwhile, the General Secretary of the Hockey Federation, Mominul Haque Sayeed, said, “Abahani sent the letter to the federation as part of their residential crisis. They urge the federation to stay on the premises till their club renovation work is complete.”

In football, cricket, and hockey, all the players stayed with the club together in 1990. Cricketers are not staying in the club over one decay.

Footballers and hockey players still stay at the camp, as it is part of club culture.

Abahani hockey players built their camp for the first time. Booters stayed out of the club for some days and played some matches after the ’75 political crisis in the country.

A total of four clubs applied for the residence at the federation. The General Secretary said, “Ajax Hockey Club also applied for camp at the federation. Bangladesh Sporting, Dilkusha, and Victoria Sporting Club also applied for the residence.”

There are some rooms adjacent to the hockey federation. Generally, these rooms are used for national camp when the national team plays in any international matches or tournaments.

Meanwhile, some of the second-division clubs used these rooms after they followed the rules of the federation. But the governing body has yet to give any order to the Premier League club to stay in the federation rooms.