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A SUST student beaten at dormitory

Published : 18 Sep 2022 09:56 PM

A second-year student of Shahjalal University of Science and Technology’s (SUST) Bangabandhu Hall has allegedly been beaten and abused by a group of unruly students on the campus.

Victim Jewel Chakma is a second-year student of the university’s Anthropology department and also resident of Bangabandhu Hall.

“I was staying at my room around 7:10 pm on Thursday. And I saw Tariqul Islam (Tareque), a first-year student of Sociology department taking my bicycle from in front of my room without informing me. As I did not know him I thought a thief fleeing with my bicycle as he was driving fast,” Jewel Chakma told this correspondent.

Finding no way, Jewel asked the on duty security guard to hold Tareq.

At one stage Jewel asked Tareque why he (Tareque) took away the bicycle.

In reply, Tareque, junior to Jewel said one of his friends, named Khaled told him that there are two bicycles kept in front of room number 1030 and bring one of them.

Jewel also said that he did not know either Khaled or Tariq before.

He had never seen them before. At one stage they got locked into serious altercation.

Tareque issued him threat that he (Jewel) would have to pay for it

A group of 20 to 25 stormed into Jewel’s room and dragged him out at night.

Later, they beat up, kicked, slapped and punched Jewel mercilessly in presence of senior students.

But no one stopped the attackers or rescued Jewel from the clutches of the unruly students.

After the terrible incident that he faced Jewel became traumatised.  

Deep sadness caused by the unruly students Jewel is now speechless with grief.

He does not talk to anyone, shed tears and express sorrow or emotion but stare aimlessly at the sky.

The incident has sent a shock wave across the campus.

However, Jewel has lodged a complaint to the provost of the university seeking proper justice.

“The university authorities assured me of providing all supports in this regard. But, I still feel insecure here. I’m too traumatised. I can’t forget the horror that still haunts me in many ways. I know nothing about my future whether I shall be able to continue my studies,” Jewel said in an emotion choked voice.    

Some students talking to this correspondent alleged that the peaceful campus has again become an insecure one for studying and living as students here do not feel safe.

“We the SUST students have been studying and living here in peaceful and congenial atmosphere.  But, now we are living in a campus where there's no safety of our lives.

They said general student are being beaten up while many other are getting ragged.

But where is the university authority?

They said the recent attack on an innocent student has clearly exposed that the university authority does not have sense of responsibility.

“We think such culture of torture and humiliation can't last long. The university authority will have to take immediate measures to stop such hooliganism on the campus,” they added echoing the same arguments.