Rasheq Rahman

A promising leader of Awami League

Published : 12 Jan 2022 09:32 PM

Rasheq Rahman, a brilliant personality and one of the most promising political leaders with the modern outlook, has been engaged in reorganising the mass people on a new concept of leading the country by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

He came from a family with political background. Rasheq Rahman is a worthy successor of his father H. N. Ashequr Rahman, Rangpur-5 (Mithapukur) lawmaker and former State Minister for Forest and Environment Affairs.

Local people said, in the politics in Rangpur, mainly in Mithapukur, Rasheq Rahman is now unparalleled and he is going to be the replacement to his father for his charismatic activities and dynamism in politics.

They said that Rasheq Rahman has been able to reach such a position through his sincerity to the politics and the people of the area. His popularity and talent should also be considered with much importance.  

It should be mentioned that H. N. Ashequr Rahman, who has also been serving as the treasurer of the central committee of the ruling Awami League for the last 33 years, is now around 80 years old. He also wants to see his son Rasheq Rahman established in politics.

Rasheq Rahman is now a member of the Publicity and Publication Sub-Committee of the ruling Bangladesh Awami League and also a member of Rangpur disytrict unit committee of the Awami League. Earlier, he was an assistant secretary of the sub-committee of the Awami League. Apart from politics, he is involved with various socio-cultural activities.

According to the people of Mithapukur in Rangpur, Rasheq Rahman is known to all as a meritorious and talented person. After studying abroad, Rasheq Rahman introduced himself in politics. 

Besides, he has now become a famous and popular media personality through talk shows on different television channels and other social media. Rasheq Rahman is also known as a political analyst.

Moreover, his columns and other writings in different dailies and online portals are also hugely popular now. 

Recently, one of his books titled 'Upakhyan' was unveiled by President Abdul Hamid. Another book is also now in the pipeline to be published.

Rasheq Rahman also has won the heart of the people of Mithapukur by huge donations to various activities and others’ helps in many ways.

During a random visit to Mithapukur in Rangpur, it was found that almost all the people, including of ruling Awami League, are now dependent on the leadership of Rasheq Rahman. In recent times, Rasheq Rahman showed his dynamism through the selection of the chairman candidates in the elections to 17 union parishads under Mithapukur upazila.

Showing honour to all the root-level leaders and activists, he invited all the presidents and general secretaries of all the UP unit committees of Awami League, Jubo League and other associate bodies.

He collected opinions of all of them in person privately and later took a decision over the nominations to the UP elections.

Rasheq Rahman said that he maintained transparency and honesty in the nomination process. 

He mentioned that in the past UP election, all the 17 UP chairmen under Mithapukur upazila were elected from the Awami League as he and his father had been able to nominate the appropriate candidates through a transparent process.

“I think transiency in the process of nominating candidates helps to choose the proper candidates. It also helps the party in its democratic practice”, said Rasheq Rahman and added, “I think, If I show honour to people and evaluate their opinions, in return, they would show their respect to me”

He said that transparency and democratic practice help keep parties unity and successful.