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A new study shows blue hydrogen is not as clean as thought

Published : 09 Mar 2024 10:00 PM

Researchers at the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) have discovered some concerning news about blue hydrogen. They found out that its impact on the climate could be up to 50% worse than regular fossil fuels. This surprises many people who believed blue hydrogen was a cleaner option.

The EDF report is the first big study to look at hydrogen's whole life cycle, from how it's made to how it's used. It found that hydrogen and methane emissions from blue hydrogen production could warm the planet a lot in the near future.

Governments worldwide are trying to decide what counts as "clean" hydrogen. Some experts say only green hydrogen, made from renewable sources, is truly clean. There's worry that a new way to measure hydrogen's emissions might not show the real impact of blue hydrogen.

Bangladesh recently made plans for its energy future, including blue hydrogen. But many experts think blue hydrogen isn't the right solution for climate change. They say it's costly and benefits the fossil fuel industry more than the environment.

Blue hydrogen seems good because it's made from fossil fuels but captures some of the carbon emissions. However, the EDF study says the emissions it lets out are a bigger problem than previously thought, especially methane, which warms the planet much more than carbon dioxide.

The study suggests that blue hydrogen may not be as good for the climate as people believed. If the carbon capture isn't as high as assumed, the benefits of blue hydrogen go down by a lot.

Tianyi Sun, the main author of the EDF report, stresses the importance of getting the 

emissions calculation right. He says it's crucial for understanding the real impact of hydrogen on the climate.

Bangladeshi experts are calling for a rethink of the country's energy plan, which relies on blue hydrogen. The findings from the EDF study show that blue hydrogen might not be the best choice for the future. It's a reminder to focus on sustainable energy solutions that truly help the environment and the economy in the long run.