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A flight in our steps, Spring in our midst

Published : 13 Feb 2020 05:16 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 09:11 PM

Tasfia Tasneem Rafa

Just when we thought that January of this month was adamant on never leaving, February reared its adorned head in a flower crown, promising the blissful fragrance of Falgun. Though the harsh whispers and misty sighs of January are still lingering, the sweet presence of spring is here to welcome us all in her floral bosom. 

Tangerine marigolds, golden corn, vermillion tomatoes and crunchy cauliflowers are just some of the fresh bounties of the season. Bengalis welcome Bashanta with nothing short of colours and music.

You can see women and girls alike go out into the streets in sharees of varying shades; ranging from soft yellow to cheerful tints of orange and red. However, one is not limited to these hues only as nowadays ladies can be seen incorporating blue, pink and purple as well as green into their fabrics in order to celebrate the festive mood of the occasion. Boys on the other hand wear colourful panjabis too to embrace spring. At home, families celebrate the beginning of spring cooking comfort meals.

Wreaths and garlands made of fresh dewy roses, hibiscus and tuberoses can be seen being sold at every street corner. Sellers can be seen sitting with bamboo baskets loaded with solid coloured or embellished glass bangles and other intricately designed ornaments; to add a hint of sparkle to your desired outfit. The song “Fagunero Mohonay” can be heard playing around the city, entangling us all in its intoxicating melody.

The programme that stands out most in Dhaka however takes place at the bustling campus of Dhaka University where crowds gather to taste the flavorsome display of our culture and traditions through dance and music to grace the arrival of spring.

Trees that had withered away in the cold of winter are once again anew with rigid branches and fresh green leaves. While winter bids adieu, in its place nature unveils herself in a brand new look filled with youthfulness, health, and warmth. The season is a hopeful reminder of the joy of starting over.