A design to seek asylum

NGO activist Priya Saha told US President Donald Trump on Wednesday that 37 million people of minority groups have disappeared in Bangladesh. It is a blatant lie targeted to malign Bangladesh with an ulterior motive to seek asylum for her family in USA. 

She already has two daughters studying in USA. Therefore, it is widely believed that Saha used the opportunity for her personal gain. Even Priya Saha’s husband, Maloy Saha, is working as assistant deputy director of Anti-Corruption Commission, a high level government position. 

This remains to be said that wide ranging atrocities took place on the minority communities and the opposition political parties during the BNP-Jamaat alliance rule from 2001 to 2006, but Priya Saha’s claim of disappearance of 37 million minority people has never happened. 

  Meanwhile, Bangladesh Hindu-Bouddha-Christian Oikya Parishad disavowed her statement with its President Rana Dasgupta refusing to take responsibility for the allegations of persecution raised by one of its leaders.

Rana said the council did not even pick her as one of the three representatives it selected for the US tour.

The three are Ashok Barua and Nirmal Rozario, members of the organisation’s advisory council, and Joint General Secretary Nirmal Chatterjee, he added.

“We did not have any other representative. What she said there is her personal comment, not the organisation’s statement or decisions,” he clarified. He said they were waiting for her return to know about the issue.

Meanwhile, the government has strongly condemned the 'blatant lies' told by Priya Saha.

Refuting her remarks, the foreign ministry said, Bangladesh is a “beacon” of religious freedom and communal harmony, where people of all faiths have been living in peace for ages.

It added, the government's humane attitude and generosity were exemplified and subsequently lauded worldwide when Bangladesh decided to shelter more than 1.1 million forcibly displaced Myanmar nationals - Rohingyas.

“Government of Bangladesh would expect that organisers of such a big international event would invite responsible individuals who would objectively contribute to promoting the true spirit and value of religious freedom,” the foreign ministry said.

 The incumbent government of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is working seriously to protect the rights of the people of all religious faiths is being commended by the whole world. The various foreign embassies located in Bangladesh are also well aware of the government’s sincerity in this regard.