A deluge of devastation

Stand by the flood-affected people

Published : 19 Jun 2022 08:29 PM

Deluge situation in northern, north-middle and north-eastern parts of the country has deteriorated further due to heavy rain and onrush of water from the hills in the neighbouring Indian states of Assam and Meghalaya.

Sylhet and Sunamganj did not witness such flood in the history of 122 years.  Besides, the flood also engulfed low-lying and char areas of the country. Heavy downpour and water from the upstream continue causing Brahmaputra-Jamuna, the Ganges-Padma, the Surma, the Kushiyara, the Teesta, the Dharla, the Dudkumar and all other major rivers to burst their banks and inundate fresh areas in the districts situated there, leaving around 60 sixty lakh people marooned.

A huge onrush of river water damaged numerous houses, crops, communications infrastructures, educational institutions and other establishments in the flood-affected areas. Many people were forced to initially take refuge on their rooftops amid gushing rising waters until rescue boats came at many places in Sunamganj and Sylhet. 

Marooned people in affected districts are passing days in extreme misery amid  acute food and pure drinking water crisis. Flood victims are desperately looking for relief. People are rushing to any approaching boat or vehicles in hope of receiving relief items. Besides, the risk of an outbreak of diarrhoea and other waterborne diseases is also high in flood-affected areas.

We believe  people from 

all walks of 

life will extend all-out support

 and stay beside the marooned 

people during this tough situation

The incessant downpours aggravated affected peoples miseries while the deluge by now severed entirely road links of northeastern Sunamganj district from rest of the country and forced authorities to shutdown the Osmani International Airport in neighbouring Sylhet after water submerged its runway. 

Flood waters also engulfed several power stations forcing authorities to shut down the facilities, subsequently affecting internet and mobile phone communications as well and due to the shutdowns the entire Sunamganj district remained beyond power supplies for the last two days.

The government and non government agencies, armed forces, fire service, local bodies and different volunteer organisations are now working hard round the clock jointly to support the flood-affected people. The local administration will have to intensify distributing relief materials in the worst-affected areas. 

Also, the department of health must undertake measures to prevent any outbreak of water-borne diseases in flood-affected areas. We believe people from all walks of life will extend all out support and stay beside the marooned people in affected areas including Sylhet and Sunamganj along with the administration during this tough situation.