A Bangladeshi in Pakistan jail even after completing sentence

A person from Kishoreganj named Dewan Shah Noori, 46, was found in Pakistan jail for illegal entry. 

He was not sent to the country due to lack of proper address. On April 30, an e-mail message from the Bangladesh High Commission in Islamabad was sent to the Foreign Ministry.

Rubel Mia, the personal officer of the Bangladesh High Commission in Islamabad, said that the person was detained from Lahore on April 12 last year. His name has been mentioned in the paper Javed Shah. He was sentenced to three months imprisonment for his illegal entry into Pakistan and fined Tk 20,000 for further 10 days in jail. After the end of the trial, he was supposed to be released on July 21 last year. But he was still in Lahore jail.

Rubel Mia said that his actual name is Dewan Shah Noori, son of Mohammad Kanchan. He was born in Kuliarchar upazila of Kishoreganj district of Bangladesh, as per as Shah’s statement. 

Shah said that he was trapped by the human trafficker in 1984 from Azimpur of Dhaka and sent to Pakistan.